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We’ll start with definitions. Well, as Wikipedia says, sex tourism is a journey with the aim of satisfaction of sexual needs. Among the most popular countries of such a kind of tourism one can emphasize island states of Caribbean basin, Thailand, Philippines. However, talking about sex tourism one should understand that 15-20 years ago it was mainly rest for wealthy citizens. However, its growing popularity started to also involve people with an average income for whom a flight that costs 1000 USD is much money. And in this connection countries with a low level of life that are situated near their economically well-to-do neighbors go to the foreground. And here Odessa could not have come at a better time.

Today Odessa, as the whole Ukraine as well can’t boast of touristic success in a classic understanding of this term. Here is a low flow of tourists, high prices in 4 and 5-star hotels, shadow economy of Ukrainian businessmen – all this gives little chances of incomes from a touristic industry. However, it’s Odessa that is among leaders of preferences of affectionate Europeans and there are several reasons for it.

The first reason is a proximity to well-developed countries of Europe, and, as a consequence, cheap air flights. For example, an air travel London-Odessa-London will cost about 380 USD by a national ‘Aerosvit’ transport operator. There are also lowcosters at Ukrainian market - budget-oriented air companies due to which a flight London-Kiev-London will cost 240 dollars. It’s a quite little amount of money for European incomes.

Then comes an absence of visa barriers of Ukraine for citizens of Europe. One thing is when you have to collect all needed documents, file them to a consulate, wait for an answer that can be not always positive. And a visa itself can cost little but money. And quite a different thing is just to buy a ticket and go where you want. By the way, in this aspect Ukraine looks more competitive than Russia or Belarus, where a full-fledged visa barrier waits for a European or an American man.

And, at last, the main thing are attractive and very easy girls. There is no need in talking about their attractiveness and beauty. It’s enough to go along streets of Odessa and it just makes you dizzy. If to talk about easiness, here one should be especially thankful to a global financial crisis. Ukraine couldn’t boast of a high level of life even in 2014, but after coming of world economic crisis life in Ukraine became much harder. Here is growing unemployment and fall of real incomes. All this conditioned a flow into the Odessa sex-tourism industry of new girls and women which made prices more accessible.

The Southern Palmira is a leader among Ukrainian cities. If in Kiev there are about 4 thousand prostitutes working, in Odessa there are twice more of them and it’s only in winter.