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Even a half-an-hour walk will be enough to understand the main thing: woman’s fashion in Odessa is based upon ‘sexual traps’: half-transparent clothes, deep plackets (sometimes it’s hard to understand if there is a skirt or just one placket), unspeakable decollates… High heels promise that girls have long legs while short dresses that hardly cover them make men think of a possible sexual contact

There is no point in considering that a frivolous look of Odessa women corresponds to their inner content. It’s not so. Since the moment of birth of a young girl an inexpugnable desire to be liked by others is in her DNA structure. And if somewhere in western Europe or in the USA it is considered that you can attract attention with your extravagant appearance or special inner world, in Ukraine everything is completely different. Natural beauty, femininity, sexuality – here are the three wails that support an attention to a Ukrainian woman.

Confirmation of visual attractiveness is needed for an Odessa woman every hour, both from the side of her partner and bystanders as well. Any girl in Odessa catches greedily glimpses directed to her, quickly absorbs compliments given to her and makes a punctual counting of any other signs of men’s attention. Then she compares information she has got with analogous measures of her competitors. Words can’t do justice in her happiness about the comparison to her favor – she just feels beautiful.

All this explains another detail not very well understandable by western men – almost every Ukrainian woman has a portfolio from professional studio photographers. Why do they need it? – read on the site ukrainiangirls.photos