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For nearly 4 months there is a summer beach in Odessa – since May till September. As soon as the weather is hot and water becomes hot, beaches get filled with those who love sunbathing and swimming. Naturally, water in May is still pretty cool, and there are not many of those who wish to bathe, and there is a great number of those who love to sunbathe on sunny beaches of Odessa. And the majority of them are young women.

The hottest beauties of Odessa work much on their bodies spending many hours for gyms and exhausting diets. However, on the beaches these girls look just ideally. They are ready to a beach season.

Every square meter of Odessa beach is filled with blondes, brunettes and chestnuts. Slim and chubby. Tall and short. Smiling and serious. Mature and completely young. In bathing suits and without them (don’t be surprised, in Odessa there are nudist beaches where girls get suntanned being fully undressed, or topless in extreme case). Moreover, you can see completely naked bodies of Odessa beauties on the Chkalov beach).

All this beauty just lays and idles (sunbathes), sleeps, swims, eats peaches (chips, apples, sandwiches), plays volleyball or cards. Sometimes reads books. Many are girls with their companies, but there are enough lonely lovers of sea and sand.

By the way, Odessa beaches are a perfect place for getting acquainted. Atmosphere of rest and cheer that reigns here is the best for romantic dates, light flirtation and making friends. That’s why those who value women’s bodies, sexy bikini, charming smiles and hair flutter in the wind, in other words – hot Odessa girls prefer acquaintances with them on a beach.

Woman’s beauty has always attracted men. And as Freud asserted, a great part of this passion has a sexual character. It’s interesting what would the great psychologist say about women and sex in modern Odessa.