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Why is Odessa often called a city of the most beautiful Ukrainian women? Why those who have been in our city remembers charming eastern beauties and at a first opportunity try to come here again? Is there really in Odessa a special type of women that make men lose their head? It turns out that you can find answers to these questions… in men’s psychology.

t was noticed in ancient times that there are 3 main types of women: air, fire, and water. In every land there is a type that prevails. Women of other types can be met as well, but in much smaller number. A secret of beauty girls in Odessa is in an equal mix of the three main standards. It is conditioned first of all historically and genetically. On the territory of modern Odessa lived representatives of more than 2 dozens of nationalities whose blood was being mixed during centuries. Well, the 3 main kinds of beauty of Odessa women:

Air. Woman’s beauty of this type is notable for a special delicacy and tenderness. These Odessa girls resemble of a light fresh breeze. Their traits are subtle and they are graceful. Despite their often not regular facial features there is some unusualness about them. They are artistic and imaginative natures.

Fire. Such a name of the second type of Odessa ladies fit to this element to the full. They have sharpness and brightness. Women and girls of this type in Odessa are usually sporty, in their traits you can see self-belief and there is their warmth that can be felt. Their bodies are proportional. As a rule, they have an average weight and have an unusual look: it’s very pathetic and full of fire. They often have green, grey or chestnut eyes. Their hair can be red or bright.

Water. They are fleshy ladies with splendid forms. Men like this type of women not less than other types. However, public opinion often makes men choose image more acceptable in modern society of sporty beauties with appearance of models. And in vain! Odessa women of this type have the most beautiful thick hair and long lashes. Big breasts and wider hips. Big eyes, full of tenderness and love. Melodic and pleasant voice. Women and girls of this type are caring and well-advised, they are very faithful and devoted partners

We can argue that every man who has read this article noted the most attractive type for him. And now imagine that every third girl in Odessa whom you met in the street is your ideal of beauty…