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If you look closely, the women from different regions of Ukraine are somewhat different, but, rather, have their own distinctive features. Girls from rural areas, despite of the hard work, have always been comely. Their simplicity attracts attention. In the east of the country, for example, in Kharkiv and Dnipro ladies are famous for their fragile physique and the ability to emphasize their femininity in clothes. In Kiev women prefer a strict classical style. As for the women from Odessa - there is another story. They combine a charm, ease, elegance and glamour. In Odessa every woman is unique and different, her manners, character and behavior are a full image that makes men crazy. That’s why our city is a place of pilgrimage for single men from around the world who travel to the south of Ukraine to find their brides. But many Odessa’s dating agencies for more than 10 years are very busy.

Odessa Ukraine women are recognized throughout Ukraine as a standard of beauty, femininity and attractiveness. They are easily and naturally manage to look stunning in any situation. They do not sit on exhausting diets but remain slim and fit. They do not blindly follow the latest fashion trends but always dressed brightly and sometimes even sexually provocative. Their confidence admires and lots are women from other cities in the country are very jealous.

Odessa’s ladies are very demanding as for their appearance and dress up each time like they are going on a date. You never know who will knock your door. Therefore, stylish clothes and a lipstick on her lips are not only for special occasion, she is beautiful, well maintained and ready to meet when she is taking care of her housekeeping, playing sports, cooking or just resting. You'll never see her in dirty clothing or without a make-up!

It is difficult to imagine that a girl from Odessa does not love life. She is unfamiliar with depression or hysteria. She loves to express herself and be active. This lady is famous for her recklessness in the actions. She does what she wants.

In difficult situations, Odessa’s women are not struggling in despair but continue to act calmly and they do not like to share their problems with everyone. Another interesting moment is that the girls are always ready to ‘re-start’. They can easily forget about previous offences and concerns. It also applies to elderly women; southern blood is racing in the heart of every lady regardless of age.

A secret of beauty and attractiveness of Odessa women is in their diversity   Slim bodies, mini bikinis, sincere smiles of young ladies, warm sea, music and fun – all these are on Odessa beaches
Hot suntanned women’s bodies, minimal clothes, easiness of communication, atmosphere of romance and flirtation. Here any man will think of the eternal… How is it about sex in Odessa, by the way?

The fairer sex is becoming more pragmatic. Following the advice of glossy magazines, they pay attention to not only the actions and gifts of men as proof of their love